What Baby Bedroom Furniture is Important for Your Child?

It goes without saying that the most life-changing and exciting event for everyone is the arrival of a baby. And you are probably aware of how much preparation and planning is involved! Your baby’s room should be safe, attractive and comfortable, so as your kid will spend a lot of time there.

Baby Bedroom Furniture

A nursery is your baby’s first room; so, you should plan carefully what goes in it.

Child’s bedroom furniture may include the following items:

– A crib;
– A bassinet or cradle;
– A changing table;
– A glider and ottoman;
– Diaper pails;
– Hampers.

Useful tips for choosing the right units

First, it’s important to choose a safe and sturdy crib, so as you will use it for at least 2 years until purchasing a junior bed. You can also buy a crib with built-in drawers for baby supplies or bedding, especially if the room is small and you want to save some space. Make sure you’ve bought the right mattress for your child. Consider comfort, sturdiness and cost before you purchase it.

Your child may fill more comfortable in the cozier, smaller space for the first few months. That is why you can use a bassinet or cradle as a convenient sleeping place for your child. What’s more, you can move this portative bassinet from room to room and put it next to your bed at night.

Apart from that, you need a comfortable place for changing diapers. Thus, a safe and sturdy changing table will be the next important unite in your baby’s room.

Important details

The kind of child’s bedroom furniture depends on the age of your little one. Moses basket would be the ideal solution for a newborn, whereas toddler beds or cot beds are perfect as your baby grows.

Keep in mind your comfort when buying furniture. The shelves, cabinets or drawers in the changing table must be easily accessible, so as you may need to take something with one hand while cuddling your baby. Choose a comfortable chair for feeding, place a beautiful floor lamp next to it. Think about a side table for different items, such as diapers, burp cloths or water.

Lots of parents prefer buying a crib, changing table and other items from the same collection in order to give the child’s room a cohesive look. However, you can try to combine collections. Use your imagination and create the most fabulous design which can turn the nursery into the heart of your home!

Baby Crib Mattresses for Sweet and Healthy Dreams

Sleeping babies are so peaceful and charming, and nothing in the world should disturb these sweet dreams. That’s why choosing a mattress for a baby is so important. In fact, it doesn’t matter for a baby how beautiful the crib is. But a comfortable mattress is really needed.

baby crib mattresses

Today mattresses for babies’ cribs are generally made of foam or with inner-springs. Foam mattresses may differ in thickness and density. It is easy to measure thickness, but it’s much more difficult with density. This information is usually not listed on packing. Here weight of a mattress can be helpful. The heavier a mattress is the more is its density. Often mattresses weight about 7 to 8 pounds, but if density is extraordinary high, like in memorable foam, a mattress can weight about 20 pounds.

For sweet and peaceful dreams babies need comfortable, but not too soft mattresses. That is why it is important to check the resistance of foam. A very easy test will show it. Just push the mattress with your hand, then remove it and watch how soon a trace of it will disappear.

Innerspring baby crib mattresses are also very popular now. They are more expensive, but durable and reliable. Their quality depends on quantity of used coils. This information is available on a packing of a mattress. Good mattresses contain at least 135 coils. But don’t forget, that this mattress will be used by a small and light person, who grows really fast. So, it’s unlikely that it will be broken down or spoiled.

Today a lot of people try to be as close to nature as possible. That is why organic mattresses appeared. They don’t contain any chemical additives or artificial materials. These mattresses are more expensive, but some parents are ready to pay for natural materials without industrial components. They may also be safe and comfortable for a sleeping baby. But only properly certified mattresses are worth parents’ trust.

But babies don’t sleep on the inner material. That’s why a cover plays a great role in choosing a mattress. Multi-layer covers are perfect for babies’ mattresses, as they are firm and durable. Besides, they may contain special antibacterial layer, which will help to keep a mattress hygienically clean.

Consider all tips for choosing the best mattress. And sweet dreams to your baby!

Most Necessary Items of Baby Stuff: What to Put into the Crib?

Baby stuff and furniture are the first surroundings of a little person. The first and main furniture item for a baby is a crib. Shopping around for nice cribs, pay attention to their functionality and material. Make sure the crib you buy is made of 100% natural, non-toxic material. Design of a baby’s crib is an important thing too. And here designers will never get tired of amusing us. There are cribs for any wallet. If something ordinary and plain doesn’t inspire you and you don’t mind to pay a few thousand dollars and more, purchase one of stunning models, like a cute baby crib-carriage, provided with a swaddling table and drawers for baby stuff.

baby nursery bedding

Undoubtedly, baby’s stay in his crib must be safe and comfortable. Besides a crib, there are numerous baby accessories which will contribute to the comfort of your little daughter or son. They are:

  • A canopy for a baby crib. This item is not only beautiful, it will turn your baby’s bed into a cozy little house, covering the crib completely and protecting your child from insects and dust.
  •  A mattress. The one you pick must be orthopedic. A baby is growing fast, spending the most part of the time in the crib. And the formation of his spine must be correct. Cotton and foam rubber mattresses are too soft and can’t serve the right service. Pick up a natural filler and construction which will be able to perform orthopedic functions.
  • Oilcloth. This item is placed between a mattress and a sheet. Modern oilcloths are not just practical, they are soft and elastic with fun prints.
  • A few blankets. Pediatricians recommend to opt for synthetic materials. They are easy to wash and don’t cause allergies. Additionally let one of your choices be a plaid or a light blanket. When it’s hot in the room, your baby may not feel well. You shouldn’t overheat babies. A blanket is necessary, of course, so in this occasion a fleece plaid or a cotton blanket is the best solution.
  • Soft sideboards. They protect a baby from draughts. And when your child learns how to turn himself, the sideboards will protect him from hitting against the solid parts of the crib. So, if your baby is active, sideboards will prevent his bruises.
  • Baby’s rattles. They do perform the function of your baby’s development. If you hang a garland of rattles over the baby, he will play with it with his hands and feet and listen curiously to the sounds it produces.

So that’s the list of important baby stuff to be put into the crib. And what about a pillow? Actually, babies under 1 year old. must sleep without pillows. A pillow prevents the formation of the spine and the right neck curve.


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