Stop Baby from crying when in car seat

There are babies who start sleeping even before the journey begins, but others cannot have even only five minutes of happiness in the car seat. The second group of babies probably will not feel comfortable in those seats because they like moving around all the time and are used to regular physical attention. That is just one of the reasons for baby excessive crying when in car seat.

baby crying with tears


Another reason might be that the car seat covers cause discomfort to the baby. Taking time to research on the best and comfortable baby car seat covers can mark the end of your baby crying every time you travel with him. Look for infant car seat covers that are specially designed with babies’ needs in mind.

There may be many other causes or reasons for baby excessive crying when in car seat, but it’s important to consider the following tips to baby happiness when in car seat.

One of them is ensuring the health of baby is secured. Visit a doctor to examine your baby’s health. Infections affecting some body organs such as ears as well as other ailments might be the cause of the baby’s discomfort in the car seat.

Assuming that the baby is not familiar with the car seat covers, bring the seats right to the house allowing the kids the freedom of playing with them and sitting on them. Once the kid familiarizes with the seat, it is unlikely that she will cry while on drive.

Another way to your child’s happiness during drive is ensuring the car seat appearance is appealing. While shopping for baby car seat covers, ensure the color is attractive to the baby’s eye. The baby will always want to be in the seat when it’s attractive.

There are many other factors to consider for the baby’s happiness while traveling, but following the above tips will be of very great help in solving baby excessive crying when in car seat.

How to fit a baby car seat cover

Baby car seat covers should perfectly fit without having sagging ends. Despite the fact that the numbers of instructions to follow aren’t as many, the installation process is quite essential. The installation of car seat covers requires very few essential instructions that the car owner should follow so that there aren’t sagging ends. However, the method of installation varies based on seat cover style as well as type owned by the car owner.

infant car seat

When dealing with universal bucket seats, it is important first to take off the headrest & place the seat cover on the seat top pulling it down the seat. The next step is nicely placing bottom of the seat cover over the seat bottom. After this, you are now supposed to fit the cover base tightly over the seat.

You want to end with infant car seat covers that are completely sag-free. Now use the ‘S’ hooks provided to fasten the elastic beneath the seat. The final step involves tying in position the cord you have been provided with. This will ensure the cover is in the right shape. After the completion of all these processes, you can now go ahead re-installing the headrest.

Most people have never bothered removing installed car seat covers and re-installing them back. If these covers are left to sag at the ends, there are chances that the cover will not last long. Lose car seat covers are not also good for babies because they encourage sweating and your baby will end up crying all through the journey due to discomfort.

Remember, very little things cause discomfort among children and the only way to express their discomfort is through crying. Don’t allow the car’s seat cover to spoil your journey while traveling with your precious child. The process is tedious, but finally bears fruits of an enjoyable trip.


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